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Seaford 'Heads turned and photos taken'

Brian Reed's seat

I really wanted to get a photo of Brian Reed's seat at Seaford Head (The Old Barn) so on Sunday I shoved the kids in the back of the Cream Beauford, roof down in the sunshine and off we went. Managed to park up with the seat in view. Black and white for Brian, he would have loved it and I wish he had seen it.

Bit busy up on the top but I parked her on a piece of open ground with 1 of the Seven Sisters in view and took a few photos.

After a short while the crowds started to gather, out came the mobile phones and I continued eating my picnic watching as one after another posed in front of my car. It really is going to be a well photographed old lady in the Sussex Weddings to come.

Decided against a trip out today as she is not a big fan of rain.

She stayed dry with the roof up and under cover!

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